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Kansas Child Welfare Professional Training Program About the Program

The Kansas Child Welfare Professional Training Program

In January 2017 The Kansas Department for Children and Families launched the Kansas Child Welfare Professional Training Program (KCWPTP), a comprehensive, competency-based training system for child welfare professionals. The KCWPTP has been in dedicated development over the past 14 months, designing a system to deliver fiscally responsible training that equips child welfare professionals with knowledge and the ability to transfer that knowledge on the job. Training alone can never guarantee that an organization will achieve its outcomes. However, a competency-based training system can drive change by defining outcomes and best practice principles while promoting the development of competent staff necessary to achieve them. When fully integrated with other management strategies and interventions, a competency-based training system can be a powerful tool to support large-scale organizational change.
The KCWPTP is a systematic, well-planned, and well-organized approach to training development and administration. It will assist in:

  • Preparing staff members hired to work in child welfare agencies, equipping them with knowledge of child welfare values, practice principles and intervention strategies 
  • Providing standardized training content and curricula that establishes and communicates a consistent practice model and standards of practice
  • Providing a formal system and standardized activities to promote transfer of learning
  • Providing staff with the right training at the right time, to maximize the relevance, timeliness and availability of training while also insuring that training resources are expended to address the highest priority training needs in the system