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Faith Based and Community Initiatives Strong Dads Program - TALK

Kansas Strong Dads Program
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Text Version - Strong Dads Program TALK Video


Strong Dads help expand their child’s vocabulary and language development by taking the time throughout the day to talk and listen to their child. Strong Dads give their children an early head start by daily talking and listening to their children.

 Why is talk important?

  1. Talk expands your child’s vocabulary. Quite often dads do not talk down to their children. They use their adult vocabulary, which helps to challenge and stretch the child’s understanding. Engaging your child in daily talk helps your child's vocabulary grow, and the more words your child knows, the easier it will be for him/her in school.
  2. Talk builds a child’s self-esteem. When we spend time talking and listening to our children we are communicating that they are important to us. Sharing what we feel and think and listening to what they feel and think reinforces that they are valued-and our relationship with our child grows.

Dad, your child is like a sponge. So, get face-to-face, smile and talk about anything and everything and let the learning soak in! Strong Dads take time to talk to their children.


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