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Faith Based and Community Initiatives Strong Dads Program - PLAY

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Connect Through Play
Strong Dads connect with their children through play. Through daily play, Strong Dads help increase their child’s physical, social and mental development and just plain have fun. Strong dads give their child an early head start through play.

Why is play important?

  1. Play connects you to your child. Play is the language your child speaks. Speaking a child’s language brings you closer and strengthens the parent-child bond. Time invested playing with your child results in closer relationships.
  2. Play helps your child develop. You are your child’s first teacher and children learn through play. Play helps your child get along with others, develops your child’s physical skills and stimulates brain development.
  3. Play can be a valuable time for dads and children, allowing them to relieve stress and just relax and enjoy time being together. Laughing and having fun during quality playtime is important to everyone’s well-being.

Dad, playing with your child is fun and nobody plays like you do. So relax, sit on the floor, get silly and watch your child grow! Strong Dads take time to play with their children.



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