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Faith Based and Community Initiatives Strong Dads Program - CARE

Kansas Strong Dads Program
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Caring Nurtures Emotional Development and Strong Bonding

Strong Dads help improve their children's emotional development and ability to get along with other children by regularly providing caregiving for their children. Strong Dads give their children an early head start by providing daily care.

Why is caring important?

  1. Caring is a parent’s most important task. Nurturing is one of the most critical variables in raising a healthy child. Children who are well-nurtured become competent, responsible, independent, confident, achievement-oriented and able to control their aggression.
  2. Caring creates a stronger bond between parent and child. Caring for a child takes time and effort but has its own reward. Fathers who share childcare responsibilities become emotionally closer to their children.
  3. Children whose fathers care for them, provide a role model for the child of how to be caring toward others. These children are likely to exhibit more empathy for other children, as well as have an ability to get along better with others.

Dad, your child learns to care by being cared for. So, change diapers, feed, hold and hug your child and your bond will be strong! Strong Dads take time to care for their children.


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