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Faith Based and Community Initiatives Kansas Community Leadership Enterprise

Kansas Community Leadership Enterprise
The Kansas Community Leadership Enterprise (KCLE) is designed to come alongside Kansas communities, in collaboration with leaders and community members, to discuss area and develop community-driven solutions. There will be up to 240 at the six summits across the state representing health, education, faith, family, welfare, business and foundations. Our goal is to bring together key leaders within the community to identify common problems and a plan to carry out workable solutions.
Reasons to Attend
  1. Feel inspired by the gifted speaker Robert Woodson, Sr., as he shares his vision and examples of neighborhood transformation and empowerment.
  2. Experience two days of interactive leadership enhancement training on assessment, development and collaboration.
  3. Access the latest Kansas research on child and family well-being.
    Build capacity for serving families and improve results through community mobilization.
  4. Develop a breakthrough plan of community-driven solutions.
    Receive on-going technical assistance.
  5. Learn about DCF’s efforts to build strong Kansas families and inform DCF staff how they can help reduce barriers for families.
Training Provided by the Center for Neighborhood Enterprise
The Center for Neighborhood Enterprise (CNE) empowers neighborhood leaders to promote solutions that reduce crime and violence, families, revitalize low-income communities, and create economic enterprise. CNE expert staff, led by Robert Woodson Sr., has provided training and technical assistance to a broad range of more than 2,600 leaders of grassroots organizations in 39 states. CNE is headquartered in Washington D.C.  It partners with the U.S. Department of Justice to implement Violence Free Zones which have reduced violence among six cities across the nation. CNE has provided its financial literacy program to more than 26,000 adults nationally. It assembled task forces of the most effective grassroots leaders across the country to advise Congress, laying the groundwork for welfare reform and the Charitable Choice legislation that facilitates partnership between government and faith-based organizations.

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