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Child Well-being Indicators Reports

Reports outlined below contain table representations of Child Wellbeing Indicators chart data. 


Economic and Employment Services (EES) provides a variety of services including Cash Assistance (TANF), Food Assistance (SNAP) and Child Care Assistance. Information outlined in the report includes statewide and county data for children served by these programs.  


Prevention and Protection Services (PPS) offers a variety of services to children and families.  Program measures outlined in the report include Recurrence of Maltreatment, Placement in a Family Like Setting, Placement Stability for Children Entering Care, Permanency in 12 Months for Children Entering Care and Re-Entry into Foster Care in 12 Months.


PPS Measurement Definitions:

  • Recurrence of Maltreatment - Children who experience recurrent maltreatment.
  • Placement in a Family Like Setting - Children in out of home placements are placed in a family like setting with a relative, foster family, pre-adoptive family or independent living.
  • Placement Stability for Children Entering Care - The rate of moves per 1,000 days spent in care for children in Out of Home Care for 12 months or less.
  • Permanency in 12 Months for Children Entering Care - Children who enter foster care, will be discharged to a permanent home within 12 months of their date of entry into foster care and before turning 18. 
  • Re-Entry into Foster Care in 12 months - Children who enter foster care and are discharged to a permanent home within 12 months will not re-enter foster care in the following 12 months.